Parkinson’s Disease: Treatment Options and General Information

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Please join our webinar with Dr. Drew Kern, Movement Disorders Specialist at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Subjects to be discussed:

  • What comes after diagnosis
  • Treatment options/resources
  • Surgical options
  • How CU Anschutz can help with your journey


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Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s Disease

This lecture will discuss common cognitive complications of Parkinson’s disease, treatment for these changes, and current research on the topic. This talk will introduce concepts such as Parkinson’s disease dementia and Lewy body dementia. We will focus on identifying these symptoms and what medications and alternative therapies can be used to help. Dr. Heffernan will also discuss mental health complications of Parkinson’s disease and the best way to understand and treat those symptoms as well.

Dr. Heffernan received her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Bethel College in central Kansas. She went to medical school at the University of Kansas and completed her residency training at the University of Colorado, serving as chief resident in her fourth year. She is a board-certified neurologist who is completing subspeciality training in Movement Disorders at the University of Colorado. She has a special interest in the cognitive associations with Parkinson’s diseae.

This event is being hosted by the Parkinson Association of the Rockies.

From Dependent to Independent: Treatment Options for Essential Tremor & Parkinson’s Disease

Please join Dr. Drew Kern (Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Movement Disorders Neurologist) for a virtual event as he discusses the incisionless, outpatient treatment for patients diagnosed with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s disease. Event attendees will learn how this innovative treatment can enhance and transform patients’ lives by improving hand tremor without invasive surgery.

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Parkinson’s Revolution

Parkinson’s Revolution is an indoor cycling experience that combines passion, determination, and community to generate awareness and advance the Parkinson’s Foundation’s mission toward a cure – because every 9  minutes someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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All skill levels are welcome.

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DBS 101

From the website of Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies:

Dr. Kramer specializes in surgical treatments for movement disorders, epilepsy, and facial pain. Dr. Kramer has an interest in new applications for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and focuses his research on how to produce movement and somatosensation through the interpretation of neural signals. Join Dr. Kramer in discussing the basics of DBS, surgical treatments, and any current updates in clinical literature.

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