For Researchers

Membership for the Movement Disorders Center is reserved for the scientific community. 

The MDC was founded in 2012 with a mission to establish an international enter for excellence in movement disorders-related research, education, clinical care, and community outreach.

Bench-side and bed-side research plays an important role in all that the Center does. We want to work closer with those who lay the ground work for our research, foster collaborations, and improve basic science. 

Currently, the MDC is looking for neuroscientists whose research overlaps with movement disorders or who are interested in pursuing a career in movement disorders-related research. The neurological disease we are interested in include Parkinson disease, parkinsonian conditions, Huntington’s disease, chorea, myloclonus, tics, dystonia, tremor, ataxia, and cerebellar disorders.We are also interested in collaborationg with neuroscientists involved or interested in research on movement, neurodegenerative disease, neuroprotection, dopamine and basal ganglia function, brain stimulation, and other research fields that may be pertinent to movement disorders.


Membership is free and benefits encourage collaboration and opportunities for pilot grant funding. Membership also offers the opportunity to be notified of upcoming events in the movement disorders community.

Annual Research and Networking Event

The MDC hosts a research and networking retreat. Research from across the state get together and have the opportunity to present briefly on their work. The event offers the opportunity to make connections with others who are involved in similar or relevant research. 

Please see our event calendar for our upcoming retreat information.

Monthly Interdisciplinary Series

The second Wednesday of every month is reserved for our Interdisciplinary Conference Series. These conferences will focus on different specialties and other sub-specialties within Neurology and their intersection with movement disorders. Movement disorders faculty and members may also be recruited to speak at these series. Topics can be clinical or research-related.

Pilot Grant Funding

Over the past several years the MDC has received philanthropic donations and has earmarked money to support movement disorders-related research. The leadership of the MDC has decided that some of these funds would be best used to invest in pilot projects. We aim to fund young investigators to increase the chance of success for unique projects tied to movement disorders. This funding is given with the hope of encouraging young investigators to pursue a careers in research and increase their chances of receiving subsequent funding. Projects may be clinical, translational, or basic science.

Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the button below to apply for membership. You’ll need the following information.

  • Full name & title
  • Position and/or rank
  • University or company affiliation
  • Copy of CV or biosketch included as an attachment

You’ll receive an email confirming that we have received your application. Once your application is reviewed, we’ll reach out again to let you know the results. Typically, this process takes only a couple of weeks, but this timeline could vary depending on the availability of our directors.