Parkinson Disease Medication Update

Join Dr. Michael Korsmo as he gives updates on the current FDA-approved medications for Parkinson disease. During this talk, Dr. Korsmo will talk about newly approved medications and how they fit into the current scheme of pharmaceutical therapies available for Parkinson disease. Please note that Dr. Korsmo will not be discussing therapies that are still … Read more

Sleep and Fatigue in Parkinson’s

Sleep issues and fatigue are common among people with Parkinson’s disease. Sleep issues can include insomnia, daytime sleepiness, restless legs, and REM sleep behaviour disorder. Fatigue is a separate but related issue that often overlaps with daytime sleepiness. Join the Parkinson Association of the Rockies and Dr. Alexander Baumgartner, University of Colorado Movement Disorders Center, to … Read more

Board Certification

Congratulations to our two first-year fellows, Alex Baumgartner, MD and Michael Korsmo, MD, for passing their neurology board examinations through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology! When we select fellows for our training program, they must be eligible to take these board examinations. This means they must meet all of the minimum requirements to … Read more

2nd Annual Patient Commemoration Event

This is a non-denominational service where we honor our patients who have recently passed and their families.  The focus is on remembrance and healing.  Last year’s event was our first time doing it and it was an incredible experience.  This year’s event will be held virtually; while not ideal, we felt it was important enough … Read more