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  • 02

    Advanced Therapies for Parkinson's Disease

    10:30 -12:00

    No additional detail for this event.

  • 09

    How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Support Your Well-Being

    16:00 -15:00

    How Meditations and Mindfulness Can Support Your Well-Being presented by Jenine Camins, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor, UQ Mindfulness

    Registration is not required. Please use the link below to join the meeting.


  • 13

    Annual Huntington's Disease Symposium

    09:00 -12:00

    This event is a free educational event covering topics about Huntington’s Disease (HF) including research, seeking additional care support, and cognitive decline.

    The Annual Education Day for Huntington’s Disease is being co-presented by the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Colorado Movement Disorders Center and the HDSA Center of Excellence at the Movement Disorders Foundation.

    09:00-09:30 | Overview of Current HD Clinical Research Part 1, Emily Forbes, DO, MS
    09:30-10:00 | Overview of Current HD Clinical Research Prart 2, Rajeev Kumar, MD
    10:00-10:10 | Research Questions and Answers
    10:10-10:20 | Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Rocky Mountain Chapter
    10:20-11:10 | Supportive Care in HD: It’s Here, Now What?, Christina Vaughan, MD, MHS, MS and Luci Draayer, LCSW, CMC
    11:10-12:10 | 
    Cognitive Decline in Huntington’s Disease, Vicki Wheelock, MD

    Registration is free but required. Please register here.