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The Movement Disorders Center is committed to providing education for the movement disorders community. We strive to make sure everyone has equal access to information about current therapies, ongoing research, and local resources.

Below, our previously given talks are arranged by topic. You’ll find the recordings of our annual symposium for Parkinson Disease and Huntington Disease.

You can find more resources on our YouTube channel.

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In the News


CU Movement Disorders Center Launches Telehealth Program for Underserved Communities”
CU Anschutz Today
‘”Tremor & Tumbles’ provides telemedicine appointments and physician training around Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.”

Patients and providers can call 303-724-0443 or visit the telehealth page to make an appointment for movement disorder specialty care. Providers can visit for more information on the educational session and eConsults.

“Can exercise help patients gain ground on Parkinson’s disease?”
UCHealth Today
“The SPARX3 trial extends investigations of exercises’s ability to slow the progression of the debilitating movement disorder.” Dr. Jeanne Feuerstein is an investigator on this trial and was interviewed for the story. For more information about the SPARX3 trial, contact Katherine Balfany at

Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN movement disorders provider

“‘Race-norming’ kept former NFL players from dementia diagnoses. Their families want answers.”
Washington Post story by Will Hobson
Subscription may be required to view this story.

Dr. Maureen Leehey was interviewed for this story.

Remote deep-brain stimulation programming save ‘money and miles’ for patient with Parkinson’s disease
UCHealth Today
Dr. Drew Kern, Dr. Steven Ojemann, and Dr. John Thompson discuss the future of deep brain stimulation with remote programming.

movement disorders provider colorado

Study probes whether CBD helps for Parkinson’s disease symptoms
UCHealth Today
Despite the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, there have been many obstacles to studying its medical uses. Dr. Maureen Leehey shares the details of her trial with UCHealth Today.

movement disorders provider colorado

DBS for Parkinson’s: Nothing short of a miracle for young rocket scientist
UCHealth Today
“Mike Whitt wants people to know that deep brain stimulation, or DBS, is far more than a ‘last resort’ for Parrkinson’s. This young dad tried multiple medications before getting dramatic relief through DBS.” Dr. Drew Kern is featured in this story.

Live on the Radio
No Copay Radio
Dr. Drew Kern talks about the features and complexities of Parkinson disease
February 17, 2020

77-Year-Old Coloradan with Parkinson’s Does an About-Face on Marijuana
CBS Denver
Dr. Maureen Leehey talks about her study which is measuring the effect of CBD oil on patients with Parkinson disease
March 2, 2018

Parkinson Disease Resources

8th Annual Parkinson Disease Symposium | September 25, 2021

Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN
Professor of Neurology
Chief, Movement Disorders

Medication Update
Alex Baumgartner, MD
2nd Year Movement Disorders Fellow

Exercise & Nutrition
Jeanne Feuerstein, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Surgical Interventions
Daniel Kramer, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

The Brain & Gut Connection
Trevor Hawkins, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Palliative & Supportive Care
Christina Vaughan, MD, MHS
Associate Professor of Neurology

Research Update
Emily Forbes, DO, MS
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Additional Parkinson Disease Resources

Parkinson’s Disease Medication Update
Michael Korsmo, MD 
April 22, 2021 

Dr. Korsmo gives an update on the most recent FDA-approved medications for Parkinson’s disease. He addresses how these medications fit into the treatment plan along with currently approved medications. 

7th Annual Parkinson’s Disease Symposium
November 4, 2020
Deep Brain Stimulation, Genetics of Parkinson’s Disease, Preparing for Your Telehealth Visit, and COVID-19 + Parkinson’s Disease

Lunch with Docs 
Advanced Therapies & Palliative Care
Christina Vaughan, MD, MS
Drew Kern, MD, MS, FAAN
July 29, 2020

6th Annual Parkinson Disease Symposium
Etiology, Medications, Genetics, Hospital Stays & Surgeries, Vision, PD Research, and Sleep
October 26, 2019

Does marijuana help Parkinson Disease?
Frequently Asked Questions

Based on a presentation given by Dr. Maureen Leehey
February 2020

Perspectives in Cannabis Research and Education by CORE Network
Challenges & Findings of Studying Cannabis in Parkinson Disease
Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN
November 3, 2019

The Parkinson’s Podcast
Current Medications & CBD and Medications for Motor Symptoms
Dr. Trevor Hawkins
November 7 & 14, 2018

Huntington’s Disease Resources

Annual Rocky Mountain Huntington’s Disease Education Day | November 13, 2021

Research Update Parts 1+2
Emily Forbes, DO, MS & Rajeev Kumar, MD

HDSA Rocky Mountain Chapter
Molly Kokesh

Supportive Care in HD: It’s Here, Now What?
Christina Vaughan, MD, MHS

Managing Cognitive Decline in Huntington’s Disease
Vicki Wheelock, MD

Additional Huntington’s Disease Resources

Rocky Mountain Research Update
Lauren Seeberger, MD, FAAN
Rajeev Kumar, MD
October 26, 2020

Annual Rocky Mountain Huntington’s Disease Education Day

Talking to Kids About Huntington Disease
Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman
Dr. Bruce Compas
November 3, 2020

Annual Rocky Mountain Huntington’s Disease Education Day

Additional Huntington’s Disease Resources

The Genetics of HD A to Z: From Getting Tested to Family Planning
The genetic counselors affiliated with the HDSA Center of Excellence at the University of Colorado Movement Disorders Center talk about what you need to know when you’re considering getting genetic testing to starting a family.

2nd Annual Huntington’s Disease Care and Research Conference
Quality of Life & Supportive Care, Medication Management, and Research